Machine Pisshole

Exclusive Shit! Jenny And Mia

1.My most sweet Lady:)mmm… We have a new beautiful and delicious young model Mia! She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves. humiliation,Scat,Piss,Shit,Smearing2. Jenny  did a  crap  on her slave  in the bathroomI decided to take a bath, but  I wanted to take a crap. That’s so great that I have my personal slave.  This jerk is lying on the bathroom floor with his mouth open and waiting when I  will  feed  him.I spit in his face, then  I  relieve  myself,  I place  shit  in his  mouth with pleasure, I like to watch how this  wanker  eats  my shit, next time I’ll make him eat right  from  the  toilet.To be continued!



Vollgekringelt Bucket With Poop For Denmark

Here is the 3rd Sausage. I sit naked on cam, I spread my legs .. elegant curl then the horny sausage into the cup to make time :-)! The bucket full of shit I think you beautiful front of the camera lens, kannste smell even think about it 🙂