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Ass Fatale Seduction: Toilet

You’ve always been an ass man… Specially Black girls’ asses. Never in your wildest dream you could have imagined that would lead to today… On your knees, trapped by the Brown Beauty with her chocolate winkie inches from your mouth and about to fill it. All because you can’t say no!

Mistress Gaia – Ignoring Pee

You must be at my disposal, always ready to replace my toilet. I do not want to use neither a conventional toilet nor a bidet for my personal hygiene. You’ll be my human toilet and my bidet. You must accustom your mind to the idea of awaiting me for hours under the WC-chair, all ready to enjoy your two minutes of fame. Do not worry, I’ll ignore you at all…

Goodness Grace’s Overhead And Below Bombs

Goodness Grace Keeps playing with the angles!! I love this girl. Each clip is something different each time!!! Enjoy as she pops a squat above the toilet and gives us the aerial view as she drops bombs in the bowl!! Enjoy the overhead angle as each log slides out her ass!! you can see some turtling even as well!! Then in the second enjoy as she grunts and strains on the toilet before unloading another nice pile right in front the camera!! Enjoy as she makes it reign from right out her poop shoot!! Two great ploptastic clips combined!!

Aria’s Bloated Grunts, Plops, And Strains!!

Aria’s Back with another GRRRREAT collection Tony Tiger Style, full of Snap, Crackle and Plops!!! Damn all that is missing is the smell-o-vision on this one!! She was a little bloated and ready for some good evacuations in these Four Clips. This new Camera of hers is making one of my favorites even better than ever!!! You can almost feel the turds falling out her ass in this one!! That Juicy Ass of hers is just dropping em in this one!!