Make Her Shit Eat

Ns & Kv Cleaning Slave

The mistress has to shit very urgently. Her gut squeezes and she screams loud and evil for her slave, who has anxiously crawled in the corner.On all fours the slave crawls under the toilet seat and licks the shit of the mistress from the floor. The mistress shits on the slave’s skull. After that, the mistress shits another big shit right in his mouth. Shit on the floor, shit on the sole of the mistress’s wellies. Licking and licking is the motto of the mistress and piss drink from source abound.

Shit Smearing

Toilet slave clean pretty ass of Mistress Emily with his tongue and eating shit from her ass. A huge piece of shit sticks out of her ass and the slave opens his mouth wider to feel the taste of smelly shit. Emily smearing shit on his face in white socks and feels pleasure from using a slave instead of a toilet.

Sharing Shit Secrets!

Best friends had a diarrhea at the beach. None of them wanted to say anything and this accident needs to be kept secret.

3 Girls With The Same Question, What The Heck Is A Toilet Slave Part 6

Girls uses Man