Malay Girl Peeing On The Bed

Pee And Poo My Panties

Watch me pee and poo in my favorit panties .. nothing but filling them with my waste .

Swallow My Diarrhea

In this video I’m shitting on the toilet slave. Lie down more comfortable so that your mouth was right under my ass. Try to catch a piece of my shit, toilet slave. Today I have diarrhea. So you do not have to chew your dinner. Only swallow my shit.

Mistress Roberta -locking In Chastity And Enema – Full

Today my slave is catch with 2 marks i didn’t left on him so i decide to punish him before feeding so today i am going to lock my slave in chastity and after do a enema on his face.I try to shit in his mouth but the shit is very resistent today and i decide to do an enema so i can clean my ass and give my pot something to eat so i do it and i get it all into his mouth and after i tell him to eat the shit pieces on the floor and the water from my ass and the pee, enjoy.