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Morning Anal Masturbation With Shit

Morning anal masturbation with shit.I love the smell and taste of my shit

Doll In My Toilet

I wear a dressyou get home from workThere is a small doll on the floor, that is spying onyou do not realize it’s thereyou ramble on a little doll by showing her pantiesyou drop the papers and you bend it pickyou must not raise your dress, but you have to be seen your pantydrop and fart on the dollthen Doll is placed over a chair that spywithout Realizing it, you sit in the chair, very sensually and showing herlegs again drop an fartto you to make you want to it and you are going to the bathroomthe doll goes quickly to the bathroom to go inside the toilet, the spy frombelowyou arrive and very sensual way you take off the pantyyou sit down and you drop them the dress on both sides of the toiletset foot on the toilet, and in the third photoyou start to make a big on the doll. (show how the falls) you must remain ‘silent to hear all the sounds in your stand up and are surprised of seeing the doll all dirty with poopshow your and the doll

Caviar Pur – The Face Mask Of Shit

Come on honey and have a look at what I’m a horny slutty face mask. Oh man how good she fills on the skin when you have fresh shit on it. I know exactly what you would really like the lick me now right?