Male On Prison Spoon Vides

Mom And Son Sperm Pee Deal

Mom and son are going to a party, so she is dressed sexy. She knows he does not want to go with her so has treat for him! She lifts her dress, shows her panties and explains she has worn them for a while so have lots of cunt cream on them. She knows how son loves mom`s cunt cream and takes off the panties, gives to son and encourages him to sniff and rub them on his cock, but not to cum. Mom shows him her stunning big labia cunt and tight asshole. After a while mom asks for the panties back, puts them on the couch and asks son to spunk on the gusset. When he does, she puts them on with all the fresh sperm on them spread on her cunt and asshole. Son still won`t come to the party if he does not receive something special from mom! And here it comes – mom empties her bladder in his mouth and he is now ready to go:)

Three Bunches Part2

Because like you have seen at the first part of the movie how cowardly this Toilet is, Lady Grace and Lady Katherina decided to boost it. They feed this Toilet with the complete three bunches, and really plug his chops with scat. Almost his whole face is capped with scat afterwards because there’s is so much available. Anyway, neatly swallowing toilets are really rare.

Scat Cats 08

The cat sis prepare a slave breakfast of piss and shit. They present all this yummy stuf and tell you what is your task!