Male Slave Drinking Piss

Mistress Margo – Turd Feeding From Plate

Mistress Margo working hard this weekend ! She call her personal toilet again and again and again…almost everyday ! She recorded another combined movie with bdsm, ashtray, face sitting, humiliation, turds on plate, feeding turds, etc She was dressed in a crotchless panty, stockings and a top. As usually, she use his mouth to clean her shoes, sucking her heels, clean her stockings and as an ashtray.

Filthy Toilets Get A Lot Of Piss!

Afina Kisser have just used my toilet, and now I feel the urge to let my champagne flow as well. The slave is already on the floor, so I make it clear that it is a toilet, and much catch all my pee! After a short tease, I let my champagne flow in his mouth. But the loser misses a lot, so I also pee on his body. If he is a toilet, he might as well smell as one! After finish peeing I make him zip whatever he missed from the floor! This should teach him not to miss my pee from now on!

Anus Pushes & Farting!

My anus moves after taking a ! pushes into the camera! shapely heap! strong pee! loud farting You love it !?