Males Shitting In Public

Princess Mia. Pov Toilet Slavery

Princess Mia. POV Toilet Slavery

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Licking Her Anus

MISTRESS ROBERTA BACK WITH MORE KINKY AND BIZARRE MOVIES !! Today, she use her toilet slave mouth in 2 different ways : to clean and suck her socks and to clean her asshole. Slave was become hard instantly when Mistress Roberta order him to lick her anus and clean it. After a good cleaning and licking…she use him for her daily needs : piss drinking and shit swallowing. She begin feeding him with gloves and continue until he swallows..At the end she put a hosiery mask on his face, after she fill his mouth with her nice slimmy diarrhea !

Toilet Of The Inmate

I am sitting in my cell and I have to pee urgently. The uniformed supervisor lets me out and I’m allowed to piss in a dog bowl and drink it.

Ms D’s Home Gps Spectacle

Ms D really put on a show in this one!! Damn that coffee had her taking monster bowel movements!! lol Sounded like she was giving birth!! Had her cursing and everything!! I don?t know about you, but there is nothing like the sound of hearing a woman struggling on the toilet! Sounded like she was skipping rocks on the river!! The grunts, plopz, and strains this woman makes are like no other!! I lost count of the splashes in this set! She was peeing like a racehorse too! Another classic Gruntin? and Strainin? logbirth adventure from my favorite ebony Amazon woman!! Coffee is the ultimate laxative!!