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Mistress Roberta – Corporal Punishment And Pot Servitude

Today my pot will pass trough a rough morning before beeing fed because i decide he must be punished so he will get some cbt, nipple play, face sitting, a pair of my panties to smell and after he gets fed with some stong shit directly in the mouth and i push it with my hand in his troat, and i gather all the pee in the tissue and put it also in the mouth and when i finish the latex glove too, enjoy.

Peeing On A Lousy Janitor

Minnie Manga and me, have just basically screwed the janitor with our strap on’s, and I need to pee badly! I tell the disgusting thing to lay down, and take what I serve him. After emptying my bladder in his dirty mouth, he had missed a lot. Minnie makes sure he lick and zip every drop from the floor before she is satisfied.

New!princess Mia Is Upset

Today Princess Mia was very upset. But she knows how to cheer herself up. The obedient slave, as usual, sits on the chain all day and waits only for his Mistress. He can not help it. His destiny is submission and humiliation. Mistress decided to relax with her toy. She just came from a party and she had a lot of tasty food inside for a slave. And now she will treat him. Mia began to shit directly into the mouth of a slave, pressed him with a belt to her ass and did not allow to resist. The slave is completely naked and trembling, he is afraid and at the same time he loves his Mistress. Mia fed her slave with the best, sweetest, tasty shit, and the insignificant slave tolerated everything and tried to eat it. Then she began to goof on him, laugh, smear all over his face and spit into his face.

Pervert Girls Pissing On Nude Alexia Cage

Pervert girls pissing on nude Alexia Cage