Man Drinl Girl Peeing

Daizo Has A Mouthful – Full Movie

The girls knew that Daizo would do everything for them. They were his mistresses, and even if he was going to be expelled when he is found slathered in foul turd, he is going to dreamily smile and not heed any wise words. Daizo lay perfectly still as the acrid turd that smelled of rotten vegetables, was smoothed over his skin. He could feel a thousand tiny movements on his skin as the pungent shit paste was spread over him like a toner. Aya laughed as she squelched the day old turd on her hands and spread it thickly upon her arm. Haruya was turned on by all the shit and was fingering herself secretly with a filthy finger. Soshi couldn’t have enough of Daizo’s humiliation, and used both her hands to continue emptying the pan of old turd on the teacher. Daizo was now being TAUGHT.

Mistress Gaia – Foot Licking Amber Nectar

I have my slave on the floor. Earlier he was giving me some cheeky remarks. I want him only to be able to raise his head. Therefore, he is bound hand and foot in a painful hogtie position. For his cheek, I’m going to make sure his mouth is washed out. I begin by getting him to kiss and worship my feet. I then get a dog bowl and filll it with my sweet amber necter. I show it to my slut, and tell him how lucky he is as he’s going to enjoy having it in his mouth. I get him to raise his head and open his mouth, then I dip my foot into the bowl. As he looks on, I stuff my foot tightly into his gaping mouth. It’s so amusing watching him gargle for air, as he sucks the piss from my foot. I continue dipping my foot in the bowl and make him choke and suffer. As he struggles in his painful position. I shove the bowl under his chin, and tell him he must drink all the pee of Mistress Gaia…

Shit In A Box For Pizza3

My stomach is full of shit. I want to get rid of it. I can not stand it any longer. My toilet is closed. I’ll take a box of pizza. With my ass and shit, to be a powerful current. I’m fine I’m satisfied with the result. Good Appetite.