Man Eating Shit Directly

Lady Carmen Scat P3

Now Lady Carmen and Lady Angie sit together and use the two toilet slaves. They piss and shit the two in the mouth. Then Lady Carmen sits down and the slave licks her ass extensively.

Queen Sylvy’s Good Nights And Great Mornings!!

Queen Sylvy slid me a few new ones this weekend!! She has been on FIRE lately with her latest clips and these new ones are some of her best yet!! Enjoy four new ploptastic, ASStonishing new clips. She starts out with a dump that slides right out!! Then enjoy two sexy evening dumps as she comes in wearing her sexy night gown and drops a heavy load. Then in the 3rd clip she sneaks away from guests to release that evenings dinner. She saves the very best for last however, enjoy a nice up close clip as she spreads to release some serious snakes!!! Queen Sylvy is one of my new favorites and these clips show why!! For my fans that love natural toilet action, it doesnÂ’t get much better right now!!


Two-toned POV poop!

Very Very Long Sausage 30cm Shitting

I must very big and long shit!! I go to the toilette and you see my sexy Ass,than i must shitting… long sausage 30cm,than come the next long sausage,oh!! Want you in your mouth slave?