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Desperate Splatter Diarrhea After Girl’s Night

I had lots of fun going out for girl’s night but I’m not sure trying experimental drink trends was the best idea! ————————————Still done up for my night, I stop by my apartment to find the toilet is broken and I have to wait for the repairman. I start to feel my tummy rumble from the food and drink and don’t think I can hold it until the bathroom is fixed. ——————————————–I scramble to find something to shit in or on and then it sputters out of me – I include a close-up replay of the sputtering shitting and how it got everywhere – I missed in my hurry! —————————————-Watch the explosive  ? ! results of my night and enjoy the aftermath. 

Mistress Roberta Secured Her Shit With Pantyhose

Mistress Roberta and her human toilet strike again, as always in the latest 5 months. They have a good relationship like Domme-toilet and he is used by Mistress Roberta anytime she need to relieve. They make a contract and slave is signed as a ral toilet for 2 years, without any hesitation. She keep him in chastity, basically, for many months to destroy his mind and make him useful as full toilet in her house. Today she tease him dressed in tan pantyhose, and she looks great sitting on his face and mouth, asphixiated him. At the end, she pissing on toilet body and shitting in her pantyhose. A brown bulge was appeared between Mistress legs and toilet was ready to clean it, suck her shit and lick it l Mistress then use his mouth and put all the shit inside, tied his face, head with her hosiery and order him to chew and swallow everything until she come back.

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Hot Black College Girl Kisha In Outdoor Scat Session

Hot black college girl Kisha in outdoor scat session