Man Pee In The Mouth


Pooping while on hands and knees! Close-up ending. Multiple angles (PiP).

Damn!! That Came Out My Big Ole Booty!!!

Diva Staxxx is blowing up ? literally!!! Enjoy her longest set of clips yet! Nearly 18 minutes of great grunting, plopping, peeing, pissing, and pooping!!! Four super hot clips as you get to watch that 60 inch ass crank out some serious MONSTER loads nice and up close!!! She had some loads that even amazed her own self!!! Enjoy her usual hilarious banter as well!! She can?t seem to get a moment of peace as people are always trying to talk to her while she?s shitting!! LOL Diva Staxxx has taken LKIF by storm and each clip only gets better!!! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to show the shit firing out her ass!!!

Bonnie Gone Wild!!

Bonnie is already causing trouble and it’s only her 1st week!!!! Bonnie has come to answer all the wishes of my Extreme fans for More Extreme clips., and man does she ever go to the MAX in this one!! Enjoy as she does like the Bears do and drops a load in the Woods!. And just when you thought that was it, she comes home and fulfills another order – literally! Watch as she fills a to go tray with her own special Golden Juice and Brownies and Cream! Oh my the Cream of Some Yung Girl! Watching her cream while Shitting Is sooo sexy!! These are the nastiest clips yet.