Man Pees In Woman

The Scat Key P2

Now is clear for the toilet slave what awaits him. Lady Lucy Delunatic takes her glove which is smeared with her shit and stuffs him without hesitation into the slave mouth. He should lick it all. It does not seem that taste him well. It is more a torture than a pleasure for him. No matter, Mistress Michelle has to shit now and the key disappears very quickly in the pile of shit. The toilets slave now has the task to find the key. With his tongue he looks for the key in the pile of shit. He has to do this with the nipple clamps which hurt him more and more.

Enema In Mouth : Goddess Andreea – Another Angle

For the fifth time, our NEW Goddess Andreea become more and more dirty with her human toilets. She want to surprise her toilet today with some enemas, after she fill his mouth with piss and shit. She put him into the bath, laying on he floor and with his mouth open under her toilet chair. She was dressing only with a pair of pantyhose and a bra. She pissing through her hosiery directly into her slave mouth then she shitting in pantyhose and slave must suck the shit. She undress, pushing the pantyhose all into slave mouth then she was going into cabin to make some enemas. She will serve 3 meals, consisted from her shit and water from her asshole. Slave was so hungry that he received all enemas into his throat, gagging with them. He is allowed to stroke his cock with Goddes pantyhose then he will cumm in hose and lick his cumm. – this movie was filmed by Phone camera from another angle

Pickled Kv Desired

Yummy! Yes, until I pee with a long, solid blasting my pee in a plastic box. Then I poop ne fat sausage afterwards:-) Fits just about everything purely in the can! Now we have a nice pickled turd in the box. I know who is looking forward:-) And a CLOSE UP at the end is in there too. And also the mood for what pickled? Meld you.