Man Pees Inside Of Teen

The Face Slapping Support Part 6 Andrea

We put the Man into a Barril and support the Feeding with Bitch Slapping him. The Problem however, Karina slaps so hard, it hurts like Hell. Our man totally freaked out and one would ask, what is worse for him, the Brown Shower or the Slapping. The he also gets some Nasty Surprises, which causes Laughing and Screaming. He bites, screams, beats inside the Baril and at last cries like a Baby. No Mercy here and much less from Karina ! Party is on !English Subtitles

Dirty Pool Piss Party!

When my friends sat in the hot tub, I wanted to sit down with them. But before the jacuzzi, I was stopped by 2 guys, because the 2 had to piss. I had to squat to the bottom of the pool and the two pissed me at the same time into my mouth. While I swallowed the piss of the two men, my girlfriend TexasPatti sat in the whirlpool and had to pis,too.. And because she did not want to go to the toilet, she simply used another guy, who was also sitting in the jacuzzi, as a living toilet, pissing in the jacuzzi, under the hooting of the others, into his mouth. He of course had to swallow everything, so that the jacuzzi also remained beautifully clean!

Honey Brown’s Winter Mix!!

My homegirl Staxxx is back with Great new Clip!! You get to see her as she does her Three S’s – Shit, Shave, and Shower! She takes you into her morning routine. Enjoy As she has a nice Black N Mild and Boo-Boo Session, as she poops and pees while smoking a cigar. As seemingly always, this girl never has toilet paper and has to summon her boyfriend to come bask in her shitty ambience as she gets him to bring her some TP and her clippers so she can give herself a trim.. Then enjoy as Staxxx let’s you watch as she cuts her hair before her shower while already naked. She should have called this a 4 S clip instead!! You get a little smoking, shitting, shaving, all before her shower!! A nice “day in the life” type clip from Ms Staxxx!!!

Scatfest! – Part 6

They unload more shit on his face. They used a metal thong to feed him more shit!