Man Sex With Pooch

Boots & Scat Feeding

I`m back after holiday. More nasty than ever.I got my long boots on and latex suit. And shit directly into my slaves mouth. I put my bare hand deep into he`s throat to help him swallow. But can he… Poor slave

Beauty Mask For Your Wife!

Your wife found out about me? And she does NOT like me?Well… let me show you what I think of her… Nice Picture but she’ s not really a 10… But you already know that! ;)I will take a nice shit right on her face, pack it up, send it to you and then you can give her a kiss! ;)Like a good hubby would.

Mimi Shitting Princess

this is Mimi from Switzerland, pooping fantastic turds!!

Fat Log Ipod/iphone

Curvy ebony Latoya comes by and drops a thick fat log. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.