Man Shit Girl Eat

Be A Good Girl

MANY of you asked and I let it happen, just for you! For the first time EVER I have thrown my trusty male toilet slave Devoted Sub into the dominant role as “Stinky Steve” by letting him use my female toilet slave Chanelle as a full consumption toilet. Let’s get the obvious out of the way. This is a video of a guy taking a MASSIVE shit into a girl’s mouth, pushing her to her limits by making her swallow EVERYTHING right in front of your eyes without any cuts & editing. If you enjoy seeing a guy take a HUGE shit in a girl’s mouth and see her chewing and swallowing his entire load of scat this near half hour video is a must have for you! I also feature a bit in this video as I also operated one of the cameras and this entire production was done under my supervision. Both Devoted Sub and Chanelle are my property and full consumption toilets after all. Be sure to check my store for my other toilet slavery as well as solo scat clips 🙂

Japanese Young Gal Hard Scat 1-4

There is a cute Japanese gal will challenge hard scat play.

Xmas Pantyhose Poop

Hot santa helper is pooping in nice pantyhose messy and stinky shit,peeing and ordering you to clean her shitted nails 😉