Man Shit On Woman Face

Swallow My Shit You Victim

Lady Domi shits a fat bunch directly into her slaves face. His mouth is already full, but there still lies a fat heap above, Domi has really emptied over him and tells the slave to eat faster so that it does not stink even longer. She stuffs it all into his mouth and pisses onto it also. The slave is treated like dirt, he is just a living toilet for Domi.

Toilet Chaos!

Today of all days when this girl is desperately need a toilet and its OUT OF ORDER!!! There is no way she can make it to the next toilet which is in the other corridor. She tries to hurry but as she was about to turn her SHIT is already out! Oh hell!! What a total mess..

Womans Toilet At Department Store..

every curios how kinky a womens toilet looks like… Our camera-poopgirl Jody shows the the best girls toilets in Europe..Here at Shopping City South Vienna, she is shitting on the floor of the girls toilet and leaves the turd there….