Man Shitting In Girls Face

Eight-way Pee Shit Carnival – Part 1

Eichi’s students pulled her to a secret room where an equally secret party was taking place. The smell of shit shocked her, as she could see puddles of brown and green on the floor. Gleaming teeth from men fucking the students shone from their places as the turd party spun its musty tentacles. Eichi stripped down and begged for an inoculation. The maniacs pushed a large one into her, and she heard the fluid slap and gurgle against her insides as the huge load was emptied into her rectum. The whole room smelled of shit, and Eichi’s head was spinning from the smell of spit, cum and innards.

Big Shitty Ass In Slave’s Stupid Mouth!

Stupid slave, you can’t resist this REALY BIG ass, can you? I know you’re still desperate and want a more punishment – although unconditionally it’s become a reward for you, my TOILET. I’m lavishly peeing at your face, stupid loser. And I pushing a huge shit in front of you and made you sniff it. Are you lacks the smell of that stinky shit? You can only sniff and lick my beautifull ass, loser, you’re still never getting that ass. I will use you only as a toilet, nothing else. Sniff away and thank me for even letting you see my exquisite shit, loser.

The Messy Maid

Hmm i?m not quite sure i?ve got this cleaning thing down, i think you are meant to actually clean up not make more mess?. oh well?.Work hard play hard? after a long day scrubbing the floors i like to relax with a nice hot piss enema. Watch me fill my new enema toy with steaming hot piss and then fill my ass with it. Oops it all came back out with a an extra surprise too ? I love smearing myself in sloppy wet pissy shit, i hope you enjoy this tooThis video contains? pee, pee enema, smearing, wet poop in my hair and a bit on my face and some ass dildo action 🙂