Man Slaps The Hell Out Of Woman Giving Pee

Slave Mouth Filled With Shit!

Here I have taken another slave to my living toilet. Although he was only unwilling to eat my shit and drink my pee, I just sat down on his mouth and then I pooped him a thick sausage in his mouth. After he had eaten it, I pissed him still in his filthy mouth and he swallowed my entire pee. Then he had to lick the floor clean and to slurp the last shit-piss-liquid manure! Behaved loo!

Pee On Him

Erica walks up and her friend is sleeping on the floor, he was on his way to take a shower; well Erica gives him a shower of her own.


Hot pooping in the pants and hot ‘DG’ jeans!

Adore Me Toilet Slave

Three Ladies and one toilet slave. at the end of these fantastic scat movie the hole face is coverd with scat. These toilet slave have to adore our shit.