Manga Girl Pee In Urinal

Alina Morning Eats Cherries, Farts And Pooping On The Toilet

Alina woke up the summer morning in her bedroom. In the summer it is very hot and Alina sleeps without panties. A surprise waited for her around the pillow – large and sweet cherries. Alina has not washed herself yet and after sleep her body, mouth and pussy smell sweet. When Alina ate a cherry, her abdomen suddenly fell ill and she loudly farted – so her body tells her that she needs pooping. Alina powerful shit on the toilet. Strong smell and powerful discharge of liquid shit with fart!

Double Slave Part 1

Here the Girls are glad to have 2 Slaves to choose from. And of course they show there Prefences. Part 1 is with Feet. English Subtitles

Princess Nikki D’sseldorf 2011 Piss 01

some pissing scenes from the shooting with Princess Nikki in Düsseldorf in August 2011