Marcella Pooping

Cbt, Face Sitting And Shit Feeding With Mistress Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is using the pot the way she pleases so first she presses the cock and balls with her bare feet and after she does some face sitting and after a while she pee and shit in the slaves mouth pushing the shit down his troat with her hand so he can eat all the shit, enjoy!

Change Of Power! The Boss And His Servant Girl Part 2

The Fat Pig hangs in the second part of his transformation tied up in the shower and gets a very special Cockring laid out! There he can still moan and beg, the dominant maid knows no mercy any more! The boss is allowed to watch her while peeing, then he has to scrub with the toilet brush in the mouth of the toilet! He is kicked and verbally humiliated by the perverse French Maid with the high heels! [SM Studio Femdom Empire]

Pussy Worship For Cousin

My Cousin comes to me asking all about women and what he needs to know you know before the big night happens. I laugh a bit ha of course he would come to his older hottest cousin who I know for a fact he has actually cum to. So I agree but of course under my conditions you see I know pussy makes you pay so you are going to empty out your wallet and worship my pussy. Don’t worry I’ll show you exactly how things work!

The Birthday Present

My slave celebrates his birthday and receives a special surprise fromme. I bring a nice slave pussy for him, who can be used by him. Offcourse I dominate them both whilst their play