Marcella Poops White Panties

Chieko Births A Monster

A big and thick poop of perfection is born! Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Bimarley Xxx’s Lost Footage!!

If you have followed me over the last five years, you have noticed the evolution of my sites. Some of which is on full display here on Scatshop as I move into my 4th year here. But starting back in 2013, I started by talking one girl into it I found posting pooping clips on Youtube, and evolved from there. By 2015, I was able to acquire some well known adult filmstars even. Thus the arrivals of some of my favorites like Sydnee Capri and Sugar Hill. There are plenty others I’ve encountered. It’s not easy talking to any woman about getting into this world, let alone ones with a name in mainstream porn or fetish work. Some are mixed results. Cue this one. BiMarley is a girl I had seen in a few flicks, and of course got that big chocolate ass that I love. I got her to do a few videos for me, she only ended up doing about 3-4 before just plain dissapearing. You win some and you loose some in this game. Anyways I had been holding on to these for two years now. Was clearing storage on my main hard drive and stumbled upon 3 clips I hadn’t posted. I also added in the one from her 1st clip. Enjoy four nice peeing and ploppage clips. Too bad she never followed up because she had potential!

Swallow My Shit – Hd Version

In this video I’m shitting on the toilet slave. Lie down more comfortable so that your mouth was right under my ass. Try to catch a piece of my shit, toilet slave. Today I have diarrhea. So you do not have to chew your dinner. Only swallow my shit.

Dinner Is Served

Mistress Esme takes a shit and then plays with it. Don’t you just want to lick that shitty hand?