Masked Asian Shitting Boy

Slave Fattened With Shit – Short Version 2

Short version of the clip Slaves fattened with shit by 2 Dominas. After Contessa Calucci Rosella is about to shit the slave in his greedy mouth. A wonderfully thick sausage she squeezes out of her ass directly into the mouth of the slave. A treat!

Wife & Mistress Against Man! – Full Movie

Wife and mistress discovered each other and the fact is, they don’t even know the guy is a cheating sonofabitch! So they decided to confront the man and punish him together! They corner him in the house and they take turns spitting on and kicking him! They puke their lunch all over his body and make him drown him foul-smelling liquid filled with food bits!

Im Horny When I Shit

In the Morning i must shit a big sausage….i make Dirty Talk and then im horny when i must a big sausage shitting!! And you are horny too?Come and see when the long shitting comes on my big Ass!!

Two Girls Double The Shit!

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