Mass Aage Poop

Farts & Kaviar

This Ebony plumped ass in all in your face and I decide to add some oil for you..I begin gapingy ass showing again how wide i can get. You imagining your cock going in it, while I get out the toy and fuck my ass I begin to feel all the shit I been holding in all morning. I stop fucking my ass and start to shot out some hard turds and some are peeking out ready to come but I fuck my ass some more to soften up the load, and then I shit some more turds out. Talking dirty to you I begin to put my finger in my ass and fuck it deep and fast untill more shit come out, ugh I can’t stop it turns me on being dirty for you; I then fuck my ass even more but then A HUGE FART RUMBLES OUT I keep fucking my ass and stop again FOR MORE FARTING ugh the smell filled the room and some more shit comes out I oil up my plump ass even more since I know you are worshiping my ebony ass and I caress it as you cum for me like a good little nasty boy that you are, and then I show you my creation on my plate and say “ Dinner is served” this is a worshipping nasty smelly video which will have you submitting to me and in every video I release !

Mistress Roberta – Art Piece Shit-pov

Today i took my corset and ecological leather pants on and after i let you worship a bit my ass in pants i remove them so i can pee and poop standing, first i pee a bit, after i poop alot and i made a nice art piece with that shit on the floor so enjoy your eadible art piece i have done for you .

Lick The Shit Off My Feet

Well, you little bastard like, you give me the fresh shit lick my feet?