Massage Beach Japanese Anal Pissin

Potty Time

Girl being filmed by her friend. They both joke around as she strips off. She then bends over ass facing the camera and does a shit, shitting is in slow motion.

Morning Feeding My Loser Of The Toilet Bowl-urinal

I woke up from the unbearable desire to take a shit. Quickly ordered my Toilet Shit eater to lie down and prepare to eat my shit. Big lot of shit he had to eat, be in my ass. He choked, and I shoved my shit down his throat over and over again so you have to eat everything!

4 Poop Compilation Video

This Is A Compliation Of Pooping! I Filmed Myself Pooping At Different Times & Put It All Together For You!! 4 Poops Total In Different Positions With Different Camera Angles. You Can Hear The Plops, Some Small Farts, & Some Pissing!

In Pain, Thick Turd Squeezed Out

Wow is that thick! That hurts …. my asshole is just too tight. But is closely you know, good and not too tight there: P The sausage has to go … either way