Masterbateing Poo

Farts & Kaviar

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Dinner Shit From Mistress Nikole

Today I am in the office style – in a blouse and leather skirt. Stockings on my legs. Come on, toilet slave, crawl to Mistress Nikole. You’re going to lick my ass. Lie down on the floor and open your mouth wide. I’ll be shit in your mouth. Thank your mistress for a delicious dinner. I want spit in your mouth and smear my shit on your face, fucking slut.

Expulsed Diarrhea And Pissing Into Toilet Bowl

Godess was alone in this weekend again. She cannot use her toilet slaves so . . .she goes to bathroom and expulsed her shitty diarrhea into toilet bowl, then pissing also. Too bad for her toilets, cause they miss a new meal !!