Mastubated Shit

Scato Boooooot

– Grinding, twerking- Naked- Ebony- Natural F cup- Uro / Scato- You are looking at me from the toilet

Husband Drinks Piss And Plays With Feces!

After a long day at work, this woman comes home aroused! So the first thing that she does as soon as she sees her husband is drag him to the comfort room where she proceeds to take off her lower garments and then urinate inside his mouth! With every mouthful, he swallows! When she couldnÂ’t release anymore, she brings the guy to the living room couch where she orders him to lick her pussy clean! After which, she gets completely naked and then defecates on his hands! When she is finished, she bends over and has the man smear everything all over her body!

Mistress Gaia – Bootlicking Pee Drinker – Hd Version

I have my slave in his cage, he thinks he is going to be let out today. However, I have plans for him. I begin by getting him to clean my boots, he’s a stupid slave and I can see that I’ll need to train him a lot. He is moving too much, and I want him to suffer while he cleans my boots. So I get some rope and tie it tight around his balls, and attach it to to cage. That should restrict his movement, and allow him to concentrate cleaning my boots. He had said to me earlier that he was thirsty, and could he have something to drink. I said to him he would be rewarded only if he made a good job of licking my boots. As we progress, I think he has just done enough to earn his reward. So I’m going to allow him to quench his thirst. Using his dog bowl, I fill it with my delicious pee and give it to him to drink. He’s such a lucky slut to be able to enjoy the amber necter of Mistress Gaia…