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Ebony Scat Princess’ Funky Reintroduction!!

This is an honor and a privilege right here!! Ebony Scat Princess is one of the very 1st Ebony Models I remember doing toilet and EFRO clips about 10-12 years ago. She has been a MAJOR inspiration to me to start Ladies Keeping It Funky. When I started my 1st store, she was very encouraging, even introducing me to different places to make money and how to promote my clips. She even introduced me to this site right here!! I tell everyone I wouldn’t be where I am today without her advice and friendship. She had retired for a few years, mostly doing promo work and taking care of business. But we got to talking, and she is ready to make a return!! Enjoy her 1st two clips in several years, back to basics!! Enjoy her natural toilet action as only she can deliver!!

Scat Smother

Princess Nikki first let the slave lick her ass, then shits in his mouth put a plastic bag on his head sits on it and smother all her shit in his face.

Goddess Tedddy Pooping

Goddess in sexy teddy and stocking is messy pooping,rubbing her pussy!

3 Shits In 1

I have recently rediscovered some old clips, which I have decided to put together for your personal enjoyment. There are 3 shits in 1, 2 in doggy and squat, 1 laying on my back with legs spread. There are some twerking and farting and peeing in a bucket too. Aren’t my toes pretty? jajajaja!