Masturbation Instruction Poop

Emmas Shit

Emma takes a big shit in the shower then shows it on the floor. She speaks throughout the clip. Vertical format video.

Delicious Diarrhea Dinner Of 3 Shit Dishes

Delicious diarrhea dinner of 3 shit dishes. Yana cooked for me a chic surprise – hot and delicious diarrhea! Christina yesterday densely ate with a friend in the restaurant and also tasted me well. Amina was constipated and I had to help her.===I think – if you serve 5 girls a day, you can do without traditional food! After all, after eating shit from 3 girls half a day you do not want to eat. I often think about switching to 100% food with female shit, but 3 girls – it’s not enough and by the evening you really want to eat.

My Disgusting Smelly Toilet

I walk in on my slave sitting in my kitchen. He smells like a toilet, and I make it clear his place is outside! He smell up my place like a public toilet! So I make him follow me on all fours into the toilet.I tell him to open the plastic on the toilet, but he can’t even get this right!No need for more talk, I need to pee, so his mouth has one mission, be open and swallow every drop I allow him to receive.I have him gurgle with my pee as a mouth wash (he really needs it)Before I shove his head in the toilet bowl and flush it! Maybe it will clean him up a little bit!

Toilet Slave And The Duct Tape Trick Part 3

Diana had a new Strategy to make the Slave swallow it all. After the Girl pooped into his Mouth, the Girl left the Toilet behind and Diana enclosed the Slaves Mouth with Duct Tape and whipped his Butt until he swallowed all. Part 3 Gabi. English Subtitles