Masturbation While Pee

Goodness Grace Bursting On The Bowl!!

Goodness Grace Is back with two classic back to basics clips!! Looks like something done run right through her. She had very little time to setup as she just propped the camera down quick fast and immediately exploded in the initial scene while at her MotherÂ’s house!! Her stomach was rumbling !! I love seeing her facial expressions as she grunts and strains out this FUNKY explosive diarrhea!The first explosion was so runny, it got all over the bowl and even the toilet seat!! Not less than an hour later she was back for more!! She sits down an unleashes an even louder explosion than the first scene!! Enjoy as she spreads her dirty ass to the camera before wiping and flushing in each clip as well. Two great natural toilet clips for my Toilet fetish FUNKY followers!! Plenty of grunting and straining, gas, and splash!!

Mistress Lilly – Big Turds For Your Next Meal

Mistress Lilly continue to create more videos for our store. She is so kinky and dirty and when it comes to shit, she just love to feel it on her body, into her hosiery, playing with it on her pussy, smear it… a scat Queen and adore to shit, piss and play with toys ! Today another 3-4 shitting movies with her, all in a single one !

Princess Nikki D’sseldorf 2011 Piss 02

some pissing scenes from the shooting with Princess Nikki in Düsseldorf in August 2011