Mateur Shitfuck

Scat Ass And Sparkly Unicorn Poop – Double Feature

This is a double Clip.. First clipIn this clip, which was by request…I sit down and let you see my private moments in the shitter.The views are not multi, but hey, i was in a fucking hurry.. but I let yo nasty ass watch me anyway.You watch as I quickly sit down then stand up and poop just plops into the toilet.. you love it like that..and after wards, I wipe and show to you.. don’t forget to sniff.. After I wipe, I realize that I ran out of tissue and that I wiped my ass quite sloppy..its just smeard on the top of each of my ass cheeks.. you asked me to squat down so that you can see what you will be cleaning with your tonguebut I only show you a little, the rest, you will have to earn. Enjoy(Hey nasty fuck, You wanna buy my nasty smeared tissues) Contact me at clip- Sparkly Unicorn Poop – I had just used the bathroom, and couldnt hold it any favorite Sugar Sub asked me tomake a clip of me desperately pooping…and after a hearty dinner, I couldnt hold I went to the bathroom in the first clip and afterward a little tissue got stuck to my ass, unknow to myself.. and when I came to poopbefore you it all just came running out like a horse… just plop plop was so much i had to show youand so I do in slow motion.. poop is so sparkly and shiny that it reminds of unicorn poop with out all the colorbut all the sparkle

Drink My Pee And Kiss My Dirty Panty

My toilet slave drank my pee and kissed my dirty panty. He swallowed almost erverything.

Shitting And Humiliation In The Streets

You are nothing but a pathetic loser, so follow my ass because I will humiliate you in the streets. So watch my ass and lick it! Oops I just farted in your face, and everybody could see it!So better get down on the ground and start licking my sweaty foot.. It is so warm today, and I want everybody to see what a loser you are! Now prepare to lick my sweaty armpits loser. But better do it now, because I will go to the gym, and you can only imagine how my armpits will smell!I am fresh from the gym, and I did not shower. So better get down on your knees and lick my sweaty ass in the street. You feel pathetic right? Well I got more for you.. Now you need to clean my armpits again. I don’t want to walk in the city with my sweaty stinking armpits, so get your tongue working!But today I will humiliate you beyond your imagination! Get under my ass you pathetic shit eater! I will shit in your toilet mouth on the street. So open and enjoy you buffet on the street. I hope people can see how pathetic you are! You better lick my ass clean as well! I don’t want to get stains in my panties!

Special Ks Pile Up 720p

New girl who goes by the name Special K comes by to drop a huge pile of soft serve in the slaves mouth and face. Shes been on a high fiber diet and shits out some huge piles. What a lucky slave.Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.