Mateur Shitty Anal Mess

Mistress Gaia Trains You, Toilet Slave

ITALIAN SPOKENYou asked many times to be be my toilet- slave. Today I’m here to train you. As a toilet, you’ll have to drink all my pee. I may have to make you, using a funnell gag, so that you’ll receive my pee directly in your throat and you cannot but drink it up, to the last drop. But that is not enough: the most difficult task will be eating my shit. I will make a huge pile of shit, just for you and you will be eating it, piece by pice. Or, perhaps, I will step on it and you will lick it from the sole of my shoe!THIS CLIP CONTAINS AMAZING CLOSE-UPs OF MY PUSSY AND ASS

Mistress Roberta – Breakfast With Teasing

Today my slave is getting his beakfast with teasing so first i pee on his body and afte i shit in his mouth and tease him with my panties to eat all the shit he haves in his mouth, enjoy!

Butt Plug And Bead Food

When my ass is full of food for you, I like nothing better than to fill it even more with my inflatable butt plug. I pump it up so hard my ass explodes, then I use my beads and things get really messy. I hope you enjoy the fine food like I did, I enjoyed it so much it make me Fart a lot.


Giantess is naughty pushing little slave in hole,caking and farting!