Mature Extreme Pissa

Shitting In Mouth Slavegirl In Woods

I like to walk in the woods and use slaves in nature. Slave knowing this tried to Dodge, but she failed! I whipped her good and shat her in the mouth. How she squirmed trying to spit, but I made her eat all my shit. She will learn a lesson for a long time!

Urine In Bed

I sl**t. My girlfriend wants to w**e me u*, that would go pee. I do not want to get up and continue to drink water. I can not bear it and pee in my jeans. The entire bed becomes wet. I sniff the bed. You stink strong. Now I have to sleep on a wet bed.

6 Students Fill Up Their Toilet Slave Part 1

Here the Girls came together after school to abuse their Toilet Slave and fill him up with Poop. First they had their Feet cleaned in Part 1. English Subtitles.