Mature Lesbian Piss Squat

‘hd’ ‘plastic Pants And Transparent Shoes Peeing With Plastic Pants Masturbation And Shoe Pee Play’

You know what I want to do right now? I really need to pee and I thought it would be nice to pee wearing my long plastic pants and see-through shoes. The items are transparent and I am naked. So I am clothed and naked at the same time, I quite like that. It’s naughty :)I push the legs of the pants into the shoes, so when I pee, all the piss flows through to my toes. Luckily I zoom in for the peeing. The yellow piss is hot and streaming down so fast that it’s reaching my shoes instantly. You see the yellow pee puddles form under my soles, my toes and feet in a warm pee bath.No pee leaked out. All the warm, wet, smelly pee is caught. I rub and touch myself a little, along with the plastic sound (sounds a little like water if you look away) it’s pretty arousing. So I decide to sit on my bed and masturbate through my plastic pants. Yes, I rub my pussy from the outside, essentially masturbating with the plastic pants on my clitoris.As the feeling gets really intense, I put my hand into the plastic pants for direct stimulation. Not even 4 minutes to orgasm. That’s pretty quick (for a girl) and shows how arousing these pants are to me. It’s a great orgasm as well. I feel a little dizzy after cumming so good. There is condensed water in the pants, rising up from the pee in the shoes. I play with the pee by slipping my heels in ad out of the shoes, making wet pee noise.Then a real highlight at the end: I pour the pee from the one shoe into the pants, on the side of the other shoe. So the pee runs down my leg and gets caught in the shoe that I left on. It’s cold pee, but I enjoy it so I do it for both legs. In the end I say byebye with my foot and nearly rip the plastic pants. Ooops.

Lil Stinks Let It Come…

Every week we seem to have a different lady out for ‘Dumpination’, and Lil Stink is taking her turn!! Like I said before, my favorite child changes almost daily! When you get clips like these last two from Lil Stink it’s easy to see why!! I could see things both go in and fall out that ass of her’s all day long!! Every time I see that new tattoo on her ass I wish I was more artistically inclined!! How much fun did you think this Tattoo artist had creating that!!? I mean seriously now that she has come out her shell, I am falling in love with this girl!! Easily one of the sexiest women i have ever seen behind the bathroom door!! Three Great clips of ass and splash!!

Lady Luciana First Time – P3

The slave has to lick clean the plate. Lady Luciana does not have any other plan for the slave and whips the slave hard. The face of the slave distorted. This is what Lady Luciana likes to see from her slaves. So what are you waiting for, take contact with Lady Luciana and become a living toilet slave from her.