Mature Mom Shits

Just Let It Run … ..

Early in the morning in the kitchen; the first coffee and quickly checked the latest hot mails. And as soon as I was sitting in the kitchen I already had a mega pressure on the bladder again. But honestly no great desire to run to the bathroom again. So just let it run. Horny, small pee clip for connoisseurs!


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Mistress Roberta – Rub Your Cock With My Shit Before Eating-pov

Today after the farts are pushing very fats my shit out of my ass and after i pee i take the strap on on and show you what i would like you to do with my shit and of course after you stroke your cock with my shit untill you cum you are free to eat the leftovers ? enjoy!

Pov Piss And Thin Shit To You

A very hot POV Position from my camera!! In my sexy red tanga i piss POV… think my piss comes directly in your mouth!! Then i must shitting,soft sausage,then comes too much thin shit!! Come and make open your mouth for the big Candy shit!!