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Peeing Fun

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The Story Of Sarah And Sabina

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Slave Full Pissing In The Fick-wg!

And another slave who Tina (DirtyTina) and me, in our Fick-WG, attended. He also had a desire since he had not yet experienced. He did like to be pissed on by a woman. No problem, Tina and I, like to fulfill men desires! We’re both, the truth that has become man’s dream!

Mistress Isabella New 2014 Scat

187.4 This is the top scat of my pre- 50’birthdays. It is not simpy for me to describe in english-US what i feel. I’m Italian, you know. I borned in 1964, just half century ago. I think I been one of the first Mistress in Italy, i decide that my life must to be Femdom. I have a very good look, i know, i’m just nature make me, i can not understand chirurgical help, i hate this. Let the time do his job. This is my philosophy, may be i can not write english-US so good but i hope you understand me. Pure Femdom. To be 50 years old is a Pit Stop for every one, i hope you can have this, may be you have this pit stop since 30 years, so, i love you!!!!! Have a nice days forever! In this clip my favourite slave sissy Carlotta eat also a lot. She is so far from me, but she arrive to me every year. I love her.