Max Hardcore Old Puke Vomit

School Girl Pee Desperation

Wearing my school girl uniform, I hold my piss in until I absolutely can¬ít anymore & take a pee facing backwards over the toilet. (GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video!!! Yezzclips’ uploader makes my GIFS very glitchy and I’m working on fixing that but all my videos are in 1080p HD!!) ***DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE MY VIDEOS!!!***

Huge Shit Sausage

Oh my goodness, what a giant sausage shit out of my big asshole! You must swallow it.

Human Toilet Joined By Abducted Businessman

Today is a different day at the human toiler because the owner has realized that new human toilets have opened in the area and the ladies must be pleased enough to repeat their visits. The ladies like nothing better than having fresh human toilets to deliver their payloads on and despite the fact that this human toilet has been stationed here for sometime and they don’t yet have a replacement they take matters into their own hands. They abduct a businessman and place him alongside the human toilet to service their patrons. This patron first uses the human toilet to piss and shit into his mouth which as trained he eats greedily. The suited businessman is there to be used as a human toilet paper and will clean each lady using his tongue.

Gang Of Mistresses Scat Training Of Slave

This gang of bikini clad mistresses each take their turn one by one delivering sloppy loads of shit into the slaves mouth. He is ordered to eat each chunk and they brush his teeth with a brush and we can see his golden stained teeth being sweetened by a mixture of all their scat brushed deep into his gums! Seeing each of these beautiful assholes stretch as they release their unique personalities of payload into the slaves mouth is totally priceless! This slave is very lucky!