Mdchen Pisst Ins Klo

Mistress Roberta – Scat Bitch Breakfast

In this morning i am in the mood to humiliate my toilet bitch and start to shit in his mouth filling his mouth with dhiareea and shit on his body too to make him all full in shit taking my gloves on i shit some more and start to fill his body with shit starting with the cock and balls, chest legs, i even spit on him and make his face full with shit

Francesca’s Public Toilet Collection!!

Enjoy Three Great Public toilet clips From one of my favorites!! Francesca and I used to date, and these are three great clips she did while we were dating. Enjoy as she pee’s, Farts and drops the shit while out in public!! One clip is at her job, while another was at a bar, and another was at her school. Enjoy some Great Grunts, plops, straining and farts in these Three clips!! No scat shown however. She was blowing it up so bad in one scene, someone knocks on the door and asks “Do you Need Help?” LMAO!! Every time I see her “Fuck Me Harder” Tattoo I wanna do just that!!

You Lie With Me, Okay, Then I Shit Now!

Make yourself at home, it is now going on at once! Lie you know? About film backing you still? Are you afraid? Can you make it? Then I start to shit now … and I am simply your mouth, not the camera!