Mega Diarrhea! 2 Dominas, Fill 2 Slaves!

Here I have invited with my domina girlfriend Contessa Calucci, equal to 2 new toilet slaves. When the two slaves were there, they had to lay down directly on the ground and serve us as toilets. Since I had uncanny abdominal cramps and had to shit urgently. The slaves lay straight on the ground, there I shit the first, directly, a mega diarrhea-shit into his mouth as well as face. So that his whole face was covered with a huge pile of shit. Directly, this slave began to choke, because he was a beginner. My smeared with shit asshole, I pressed, the second slaves in the face. Then I pissed this slave also a huge load of piss into his mouth. Then Contessa, pooped the second slave, a fat shit-sausage, into his mouth. While she shit the slave into the mouth, she smoked a cigarette with pleasure. Also the second slave was a beginner and also choked. Then we fed the two, with a spoon, with our shit. The two slaves, choked to the bet when they had to eat our shit !! Lol

Mega Diarrhea!  2 Dominas, Fill  2 Slaves!

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Studio: RosellaExtrem