Mega Diarrhea-Shit For The Slave’s Mouth!

And another toiletsclave I shit in his mouth. But here I have, directly with my ass, over the slave’s mouth perched, and him, a mega diarrhea-shit in his toilettte-mouth pooped as well farted. His mouth was full up with my soft shit. He had probably not expected this, but he could swallow this giant portion well. Which he did after I order him dominant to do this. He first strove, but he had no choice. I then pissed him into his shit-eating mouth and he had to swallow the entire manure, otherwise he would be suffocated. I also ordered him to jerk his cock while he jerks off. This all you can see from 3 camera settings in full HD. Slaves Wanted!

Mega Diarrhea-Shit For The Slave's Mouth!

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Studio: RosellaExtrem