Mell Girlfriends Poop

Malaysia’s Laying Out The Welcome Mat

Malaysia is back with something special!!! Enjoy as one of my Favorite FUNKY Ladies returns with a lil something special from one of my shyest, ladies!!! Enjoy her best EFRO clips to date in these two as she gets on all fourst to unleash her usual big turds in the 1st clip, then squats over the same mat to push out some more huge snakes in the second. Malaysia is starting to bust it open for y’all!!

My First Slave Fucked Up

I had my first slaves to visit what actually does not really suit me am actually very submissive but I like to try out times and like to try new. The slave wanted to be really shit and I had the day such an accident my Schoki squirted just out of my butt

What Relief!!

Man Oh Man!! Sweetie has been holding her shit in for a few days, and what sweet relief she got letting this load out!! ENjoy as she rushes into the bathroom. Then she takes a explosive piss on the toilet. Then enjoy a Shartfest as she lets out little farts while she uncorks a massive shit!! It came out like a cork screw. A huge pile of all the corn and spinach she had been eating over the two days it took to get that shit out!!

Khati And Sara Pissing Games 01

Kahti and Sahra spit in each other faces, and piss in each other mouths!