Men Drinking Womans Piss

Makin Mudpies

My shit is almost always soft serve. In these two clips, you get up close and personal and get to watch me push out huge piles of hot, steaming shit in two separate clips. Soft and creamy and you get to hear it splat! If only you could be there to clean this dirty ass with your tongue!

Pee Or Fucking

So most preferably both. And since my faithful servant was back in the house, I invited my friend HollyBanks. Horny let us piss on and I show Holly how horny it is also the piss to swallow. And our piss-servant could not wait to swallow the sparkling wine. So he gets the full beam from me and he swallows what’s going on. But that is not enough, in between I still doggy fuck and then he squirts me his sperm in the mouth. But I like sharing, of course, and run everything in Holly’s mouth. So goes friendship * grins *.


Veronika is running hot diareeah in pink ‘adidas’ tights;)