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When the class suspension notice didn’t reach a schoolgirl and her male classmate, they are left being the only two people in the school! However, she sees this as a blessing in disguise since she can now have fun with a man she has been eyeing on, unfortunately, the entertainment is only going to be one-sided! The sweetheart first strips him of his clothes. By the time, he is left with only his underwear, she barrages him with a series of hits until he is too weak to resist! She then secures a leash around his neck and brings him to the comfort room where the real fun for her begins! At first, she defecates into the toilet! Once she is done, she has the victim lick her asshole clean! Shortly after, she turns around and then orders him to eat her poop! He hesitates but he later gives in to the demands! However, the woman isn’t contented with what she is seeing, so she later grabs the back of his head and push his face down the toilet! The only time she stops is when she quenches her ravaging urges!

Lesbian Dirty Baths!!!

You will see that i play with my shit, can be romantic, With my friend Denise, I organized a shared bath in a bathtub full of foam .Sometimes I wonder if it is better to have sex with a woman or man?!?It depends how when you’re in the mood!!!I will be glad if you will enjoy our shared baths…Have a nice day! Kisses for you Victoria and Denise

Body Builder Takes On Scatology Experiment!

Body builder takes on the scatology experiment and takes on two fans to fuck her see the positions she can do 🙂 AMAZING!

P – Mw – Toilet Chair – Drink All My Pee – 08 – C – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:26. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all pee from VERONICA.