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Mistress Gaia – Penence & Pain

CUSTOM REQUEST – the female figure is dressed as a nun. Mistress Gaia would be dressed as a mother abbess. The scene: The nun confesses herself standing in front of the abbess and admits to masturbation. So the abbess sentences her to undergo 150 lashes as penance. The abbess asks the nun to remove the cassock, and the nun is naked in front of the abbess. Because she is shy, the nun covers herself. At this point the abbess presses her and asks her if she has ever used dildos? She denies it. She then asks her if she masturbated by penetrating her anus? The nun also denies this. The abbess then screams at her that the false declaration is an infamy against God and continues to ask her if she has masturbated her anus. The tearful sis does not answer, she is stripped and then an enema is performed. As the abbess inspects her anus she finds it’s too open to have never been used. She then binds her, and gives her another enema. Then butt plugs her with a with a dildo. After a few strokes of the whip on her thighs and ass, she then lets her ejaculate herself. After agreement on the condemnation of the nuns actions. The nun is sentenced to 150 lashes but with the brand of infamy. Completely naked, she is bound and suspended upside down on a cross to receive her punishment…

It’s Been A While

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Pee Revenge On Bfs Laptop

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