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Roommates Eating Pussy And Urinating In Each Other’s Mouth! – Part 5

When the ladies could no longer release anymore, they proceed to finger fuck each other’s vagina! It didn’t take long before they get satisfied and perform their finale which is intimately kissing and nipple sucking for the last time!

Honey Gramz Blowing Up At Home And At Work!

Honey Gramz is back!! Enjoy two Great quick and FUNKY clips!! In the first scene, enjoy as Honey Gramz rushes to setup the camera and sit down before unloading an explosive diarrhea blast!! Her time gets interrupted as family nearly barged in mid dump!! She makes up for it by taking us into the office bathroom for yet another “behind the scenes” clip as she drops some solids while squatting in front the camera! Feel bad for whoever had to go into the bathroom after her!!. Two great new clips from one of my FUNKY new recruits!! She definitely ain’t sophomore slumping in her return!!!

Nanny Feeds Adult Baby With Her Own Shit! – Part 1 Hd Only

She feeds him shit from the bottle and makes him lick the remaining scat from her asshole. To make him sleep faster, she plays with his cock and makes him suck on her perky titties.

Training New Recruit – Part 2 Movie

Part 2 movie? The newly recruited slave is now learning to obey his Mistresses, after signing the contract he became a human ashtray then when his Mistresses take a dump in the bowl he gets to clean their ass! He is ordered to eat their shit and piss but he hesitated… to be continued in Part 3