Men Foreskin Pee

Diarrhea And Pee On The Hand

My wife makes a lot of diarrhea and pee on her hand.

Tasty Anal Beads

Anal beads never tasted so good

Poop Toast

Second video with Demetra (23 yeas old). For this selfie-clip I asked her to exaggerate and produce a giant turd for people interested in coprophilia. She takes it seriously at the point that she does what is apparently the biggest crap ever done during her life! She confessed to me that the smell was so strong that… yes, she doubted strongly that everyone would be able to pick at such a poop toast. Not to mention eating it all. And you? What do you think about it? Is your stomach strong enough?

Princess Rachel Evans Shitting On Slave 01

Princess Rachel Evans shits on her slave and makes him to jark with her shit!