Men Having A Shit Or Crap

Toilet Time 50 – 51

Like watching girls sit on the toilet and poop? Then you shouldn’t miss this one!Pushing out a nice, long & creamy one just for you! What you would give to give MY turd a little lick! – From Toilet Time 50I struggled in this one. Hear my strain and breathe loudly as I strain to push out four very firm turds in this one, two of them were floaters. Also a nice close up view of my girl cum leaking out, that’s how good it felt to push these out. Take a bite of those thick & hard ones, you know you want to… – From Toilet Time 51Be sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

Another Day In The Office Part 3 Adison

This is one of our Fans Favorite Movie. The Girl is chatting in Facebook or where ever and sits on the Slaves Face letting go of some really nasty Poop. While she is entertained the other Girl in Charge pushes it into the Man’s Mouth and makes sure the Poop is being swallowed. English Subtitles

Leather-clad Bitches Shit All Over Each Other! – Part 1

They stick toys up their bums in order to stimulate their assholes! After a few minutes, they eject solid clumps of poop on the floor, and they roll around on it to get the shit on their skin!