Men Peeing In His Own Mouth Tub

Exclusive Shit! Princess Mia Again Came Up With Another Torture For Her Slaveprincess Mia Decided To Play With Her “toilet’ Again

Princess Mia decided to play with her “toilet” again

Eat My Shit And Clean Me !

He wants to quit and give up but I don’t allow it even if he is gagging from the smell and the taste, he has to be trained by the best, he has to learn his damn place in life…which is another toilet bowl for the Mistress Anna! I always enjoy feeding and teasing my little pets so I laugh and smile throughout the whole video encouraging the shit face to eat more and more!

Mistress Gaia – Oceanin Crap

This video is a must and you must hurry up to buy it, my little toilet slaves, cause I evacuate such a huge amount of shit that you’ve never seen out from the asshole of a girl. A sea of shit! Drown in it, shit slaves!!!