Men Pees Land Dow

Shit In Your Pants2

I’m starting to shit. it’s in my pants. my shit can be seen close-up. the pants are full of crap. I am pleased with myself. I take off my pants and show shit close-up. I smear shit on the ass. this is a super sensation.

The Power Of Scatqueens P2

First, the slave must prove us that he is a real human toilet and he has to chew and swallow the complete second pile of shit. It takes a short time. He only needs to put the pile in his toilet mouth, so that he can swallow it. Then Lady Amy and Lady Grace again pissing in his mouths washed itself and of course the third pile, served by Lady Grace, but then she fills up the toilet mouth over the top. Well then, again, enjoy the shit toilet slave.

Sparkle’ August Treats!!

As If Not to be outdone by the return of her cousin Sinnamon, Sparkle is back with a new batch of Peeing and Pooping clips!!. Enjoy this nice mix of peeing an ploppage clips from both home and at work. She wiggles and shakes that AMAZING Ass as well!! Enjoy as she begins with some great peeing clips before proceding to drop the browns in her final three clips!! Sparkle has been busy this summer with Grad School, but she sure knows when I been missing her!! Enjoy this FUNKY new treat from one of my favorites!!

Lucky Charms Poo!

I’ve been on vacation but now I’m back making a big messy poo all in one of my favorite cereal boxes lucky charms!